Instructor Interview – Daniel Baxter Kreepy Dolls Factory


Talented artist Daniel Baxter of the Kreepy Dolls Factorywill be showing our campers how to create unique dolls from their imagination in our weeklong summer camp at The Artsmiths in partnership with the Society of Contemporary Craft the week of July 17th through July 21st .  

Daniel Baxter was born in 1980 and is a 2003 graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing. Daniel found an abandoned Kreepy Doll Factory to tend to, and began bringing one of a kind magic dolls to life. Later while exploring the wilderness in NYC Baxter and friends created the TV show “Food Party” for IFC. Since returning to Pittsburgh in 2010 the Kreepy Doll Factory has created toys 24 hours a day.  Baxter hopes to create “greater things than imaginable” in the future…  Learn more about Daniel in our interview with him below:

Who had the biggest influence in your career and artistic development?

I let everything influence my art. I am always searching and just looking.

Animated promo for one of a kind kreepy dolls and soft sculpture designed and made by artist[s Jeff Vincent and] Dan Baxter of  Video by Rubytoad Studio.  Music by Paul Kozlowski.

What do you do to recharge if you have a creative block, where do you find inspiration?

I love making toys and making toys for people, and so like the elves who work for Santa I never get tired. When I want to take a break I just draw or run around and eat good food.


When did you create your first piece of artwork? Was it sold or is it a piece that you decided to hold onto?

There’s no way to remember that. But if it becomes possible in the future I’d love to time travel back and see.

Are there other Pittsburgh artists that you have collaborated with or that have mentored you?

I always enjoy talking to every person I meet, and everyone becomes an influence when i’m making toys.

What are some other ways that you creatively express yourself, apart from your art?

I answer lists of questions.

Do you have any unusual skills or talents outside of art?

Race car driving, in Mario Cart.

How did Kreepy Dolls evolve?

Kreepy Dolls get better with every second you work on them, and every stitch of string brings them more to life until they start saying “stop poking me!” Every person in the world is unique and so is every kreepy doll I make for them. It’s a very natural free flow.

What are some of the materials that you use most often to create Kreepy Dolls?

I use recycled fabrics, whatever the universe provides becomes a Kreepy Doll, and happiness for somebody who finds what has been made for them.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

To pass on the “art spirit” like my teachers did.

Explore the process of designing from your imagination with drawings and develop your vision into a 3-D figure. Then through sewing magic, creative needling, string theory, and pattern making we will bring our drawing to life as Kreepy Dolls. Click the button below to learn more or register for the Kreepy Dolls Summer Camp at The Artsmiths presented by the Society of Contemporary Craft:


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