Artist Opportunities

We only accept work of local artists for our shop gallery.  Our definition of local is within 150 miles of Pittsburgh.  Due to the large volume of interested applicants, WE DO NOT VIEW WORK WITHOUT AN APPLICATION AND AN APPOINTMENT.

Applications may be sent to us at any time, however, we only “officially” review them TWICE a year in April and September.  We may be able to get back to you sooner if we have time or see something exceptional during our interim review. Note: We highly value people who are knowledgeable about us and who follow directions!

Complete the Artist Application by clicking on the link below. We will notify you if we are interested in having you reapply for some reason or if we are interested in moving to Step 2. If you do not receive a response, you may consider that your work does not meet our needs at the time.  You may always reapply for the next review period.

Potential artists may be asked to bring their work to a final review.  This meeting is a chance for us to ask questions about one another, to offer you our contract terms and to discuss next steps.   Upon acceptance, artists must provide the following:

  • artist biography statement
  • artist statement

Please be sure to visit our Shop and see the type of work that we carry.  Your application will be more successful if the quality and craftsmanship match or exceed that of the work we currently carry.   Jewelry and Photography in particular are highly competitive. To be selected for either of these categories, your work must be unique to and stand out from our current offerings.  Our wall space is limited, and while we are always interested in seeing original, one-of-a-kind  works such as paintings and sculpture, we are restricted due to space limitations.  We highly suggest becoming members of local guilds and organizations in order to increase your visibility in and around Pittsburgh via their juried and member shows.