Artsmiths’ Instructors Exhibit 2018

Mosaics by Stevo, Abstract by Scott Hunter, Illustration by Jeff Brunner and Painting by Ryan McCormick

May 12 – Jul 8, 2018

Who are all these amazing people who are working to offer creative making classes here at The Artsmiths?  Well, they are some of the most talented and engaging people in our community and they have considerable skills that we want to showcase.  This is our first annual instructor exhibit and we encourage you to engage with artwork that showcases their passion.  All of the proceeds from this exhibit will benefit education programming.  We are very proud to represent the following artists in our education programming and in our show:

Dorit Brauer – Color of Life Meditative Painting
George Broderick Jr. – Learn Cartooning, Cartooning Summer Camp
Jeff Brunner – Drawing a Day, Paper Mache Camp
Carla Buzzatto – Macrame, Crochet
Rachael Cooper – Stained Glass
Tiffany DeCosmo – Education Manager
Scott Hunter – Oil & Acrylic Painting, Mixed Media Painting
Katie Keally – Fashion Design Summer Camp
Ryan Ian McCormick – Figure Drawing, Painting Summer Camp
Stevo Sadvary – Mosaics, Mosaics Summer Camp
Carol Scheftic – Precious Metal Clay Jewelry
Kathleen Zimbicki – Watercolor

To see images from the show go to Exhibits Photo Gallery