Camp Information


Artsmiths is dedicated to the best practices in arts education, including developing and implementing age-appropriate visual arts curriculum for our students. Each child and teen program is designed to meet the unique social and developmental needs of children in each age bracket. There are also different equipment use guidelines for each age group. Students will not be allowed to attend educational programs outside of his or her age.


Artsmiths staff and teachers are not allowed to dispense non-emergency medication to students. If a student is unable to administer his/her own non-emergency medication, a designated adult must come to Artsmiths to dispense it. Emergency medication must be labeled with the student’s full name and given to the instructor at sign-in. Emergency medication will be stored in the child’s classroom and taken on any field trips. Information regarding this medication should be shared at time of registration.

Special Needs

Artsmiths is committed to providing an enjoyable art-making experience for all students and strives to create an inclusive and welcoming artistic community. Please share information about your child’s allergies or other special needs at the time of registration. Parents or guardians are encouraged to contact the Education Manager to discuss any needs a student may have which would impact his/her participation in an educational program.

Your child’s image may be photographed or reproduced in Artsmiths printed and online promotional materials. You can indicate whether you do or do not authorize the use of your child’s image at the time of registration.

What to bring or keep at home

Unless specifically stated in your program’s description, all supplies are provided for child and teen programs. Students in camps and Intensives often use messy materials; you may send your child with a labeled apron or smock to wear during camp. For camps, send your child with a non-perishable snack, labeled with first and last name. Please avoid packing foods containing nuts. Leave toys, MP3s and other valuables at home. Cell phones may be used in emergencies but must be kept on silent during camps.

Daily Schedule


Students may be signed-into camps and intensives 10 minutes before it is scheduled to begin. Parents who wish for children ages 11 and up to sign him or herself out from intensives must make the indication at the time of registration. A parent or guardian must sign students aged 5 – 10 into the studio classroom. Students ages 5 – 10 may not sign themselves in and may not be left unattended.

Lunch and Scheduled Breaks

Students attending camps will have a snack around 10:30am. Please provide your child with a non-perishable snack and water bottle labeled with first and last name. Avoid sending food that contains nuts.


Students should be signed-out from his/her studio classroom. Only individuals listed as a parent, guardian, or authorized adult at the time of registration may sign students out and must come prepared with a photo ID. Parents who wish for their child ages 11 and older to sign themselves out from camp must indicate at the time of registration. Students may not be left unattended. Accounts will be charged $20 for every 15 minutes that students are not yet signed-out following the end of scheduled sessions.


We understand that hardship comes in many forms and it is our desire that as many students as possible have the opportunity to attend our programs. Therefore, we will not request financial information from applicants. Our application is simple, please explain how you or your child would benefit from attending one of our programs at a reduced rate.