Covid 19 Policies


Our policy on masks is as follows:

Fully Vaccinated Individuals – Masks are optional.
Non Vaccinated Individuals – Masks are required including children.

Exceptions are when an instructor requires masks.  
Our staff and instructors are fully vaccinated.

This is based on the following information:
– The CDC has stated that masks are no longer required for individuals who have been fully vaccinated. For more information, click here.
– The Allegheny County Health Department has lifted mask requirements for its offices. For more information, click here.
– Allegheny County new Covid cases have dramatically fallen. For more information, click here.
– Individuals who are not vaccinated post a high risk of infection and spread of Covid. For more information, click here.

All students and customer may not enter our space if they are exhibiting signs of illness such as a cough, fever, sore throat or loss of taste or smell as these may be signs of a Covid infection. In addition, if you have been in contact with anyone suspected or known to have Covid you may not come into our space or attend class. 
We are closely monitoring CDC recommendations and will alert students and customers to any changes in our policy. Please refer to our updated Cancellation Policy below for how we handle class credits.

Social Distancing
All students are responsible for their own space management based on their own comfort level.