Entity – Associated Artists of Pittsburgh

Paddle # 9761 by Lori Hepner @2017


The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce the upcoming Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) exhibition, Entity, curated by Jill Larson,  in their Underground Exhibition Gallery.   The exhibit will be on display Thursday, September 14th through Saturday, October 28th during regular Artsmiths’ business hours.


An opening reception with the artists and curator will be held on the evening of Thursday, September 14th.  It will feature light appetizers and refreshments.  It is free to attend and open to the public.


An entity is something that exists as itself. While some pieces in the exhibition speak in quiet, shy voices, others demand that their presence be acknowledged. In some way, each piece represents a sense of presence—a feeling that is honest, pure, and intentional. Collectively, these works come together and speak to an idea of existence. As such, Entity is an exhibition about existing—about being.


Carol Amidi • Pati Beachley • Dee Briggs • John Eastman • Glen. Gardner • Robert Howsare • John Fox • Carolyn Frischling • Lori Hepner • Timothy Kelley • Josh Mitchel • Marina Mozhayeva • Dafna Rehavia • Sheila Swartz • Hyla Urbany • Paula Weiner • Kathleen Zimbicki


Nick Childers • Kevin Mack


Born in northwest, Pennsylvania, Larson studied art and photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Atlanta College of Art. Larson completed her studies at Georgia State University, where she earned an MFA. Larson is the founder of Fe Gallery, Pittsburgh, where she worked as the Executive Director and Curator from 2003-2010. She currently works as an independent curator.   She has exhibited her work at the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Westmoreland Museum of American Art, Johannesburg Museum of Art, Goethe-Institut, the Andy Warhol Museum, Albany Museum of Art, Telfair Museum of Art, Museum of Arts and Science, The LaGrange Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, SPACE, the Mattress Factory, and numerous other museums and galleries in the United States, Africa and Europe.


The Associated Artists of Pittsburgh (AAP) is an artist-run organization with over 500 artist members living within a 150 mile radius of Pittsburgh; and representing the full range of visual arts talent, from traditional painting and sculpture to installation and new media. AAP is one of the most esteemed artist-member organizations in the country, having produced a major museum exhibition of members’ work every year for 102 years.


The AAP enhances the region’s cultural vitality and promotes visual arts excellence by showcasing artists’ work through contemporary exhibitions, providing community-based education programs, and facilitating a broad dialogue to engage artists with one another and the community.