New Sun Rising



On July 1, 2018, The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh LLC. officially started operations as Artsmiths of Pittsburgh Arts and Cultural Center, Inc. (APACC), an education non profit corporation. As we await our 5601c3 status, we are a project of our fiscal sponsor New Sun Rising, in Millville. For more information on fiscal sponsorship and New Sun Rising, click here. We hope you will continue to support our excellent art education programming in the South Hills for generations to come!!

What is a Fiscal Sponsor – a Fiscal Sponsor, is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service that acts as a guardian of grants and donations for a Project that does not have it’s own 501(c)(3) designation. This may be because the organization is waiting for their designation or because they are too small to apply for their own designation. Fiscal Sponsorship provides the legal structure, financial management services, and strategic consulting to help nonprofit project leaders succeed. New Sun Rising is the fiscal sponsor of Artsmiths of Pittsburgh Art and Cultural Center.

Since 2005, hundreds of individuals, organizations, and funders have worked with New Sun Rising to launch nonprofit projects, social businesses, and economic development initiatives throughout the Pittsburgh region. They deliver programs to support fresh, creative solutions to social problems that are more effective, efficient, and/or sustainable than what currently exists. Some of the leading social innovators in the region — including professional arts organizations, cooperative incubators, and multi-municipal sustainability planning efforts — operate with their support. They also provide consulting for established social businesses, nonprofits, and community initiatives through the Grow program.