Our mission is to address inequity by engaging our community in the making and appreciation of art. We do this by providing access to high quality arts education to individuals of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

We believe that through hands on creation we discover new ways to combine materials and invent new methods of approaching and solving problems. This in turn expands our mind’s ability to apply these skills to our daily lives. Whether it be in relationships, careers, parenting, community development, addressing social, economic or systemic problems, the more we think creatively, the more opportunity we have for success.

If you are interested in seeing what successful creative minds are making in Pittsburgh or learning new skills to become a maker, check out our classes, camps, exhibits and store here on our website or in person at our home in Carnegie. Your support makes The Artsmiths possible. Each and every time you support us, you invest in your community. The positivity and benefits your actions generate, ripple out and multiply right here in Pittsburgh!
It’s a beautiful thing.