Class – Photo and Memorabilia Organizing Power Workshop

CLASS DESCRIPTION: This one day, 3 hour “power” workshop will help attendees to organize their photos and memorabilia in a meaningful way. Many people value their photos and memorabilia over all other items in their home. This class will educate you on the best tools for collecting, organizing, and preserving photos, documents, videos, and other memorabilia. This is a hands-on workshop that will help you get from “to do” to “done”!

Important Note: This time is YOUR time… to get those photo projects DONE! So if you want to listen while you work – please feel free! This workshop is like “open gym” time for your photos – we will have modules to present, but you can bring projects from each week with you and work on them progressively if you wish.


Jill is a Certified Personal Photo Organizer, and Certified Professional Organizer. She will instruct on how to organize printed and digital photos so that they can be accessed, enjoyed and shared time and time again. Jill will teach and interact with attendees as they implement what they are learning. This is a hands-on class, with individual instruction given as needed from our roaming instructors/photo organizers.

SKILL LEVEL: No experience needed.

TUITION: $40.00 (due at time of registration) + EVENTBRITE FEE $ (due at time of registration)


  • Photo Boxes, Photo Albums, or bags/containers of any loose printed photos
  • 30 Favorite Printed Photos and a memory stick or flash drive – so that we can provide scanning and digitization services while you are learning (now that’s a nice party favor!).
  • Flash drives, CD’s, Laptops, Camera Cards – anything containing your digital pictures
  • Post it notes, index cards (any size), notebook, pen/pencil

REFUND / CANCELLATION POLICY Our instructors require a minimum number of students to teach. In order to minimize cancellations that inconvenience our instructors and other students, class cancellations must be made at least 72 hours prior to the start of class. Students who comply with this requirement will receive a full refund. Students who do not comply will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.


Thursday, October 25th, 2018. 10am-1pm