Rivers of Glass – Mosaics by Stevo Sadvary


Roberto Clemente Bridge by Stevo Sadvary @2017

Jul 30 – Sep 7, 2017

The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce the upcoming Rivers of Glass: an Exhibit of Mosaics by Stevo Sadvary. This exhibit explores two cities which have substantially influenced Stevo—Pittsburgh and Rome. The exhibit will be on display Sunday, July 30th through Thursday, September 7th during regular Artsmiths’ hours.


The exhibit’s opening reception, which is free and open to the public, will be held on Sunday, July 30th from 1pm to 4pm, and will feature light appetizers and refreshments.


Stevo Sadvary’s journey as a mosaic artist began when he purchased a home in Pittsburgh where the previous owner had left behind many old coffee cans full of colorful Mexican mosaic tiles in the basement. With his art background, his love of color, his interest in puzzling things together and his willingness to tackle new medium Stevo spent a month creating a mosaic lobster in the upstairs bathroom shower.

That was the beginning of his passion for mosaic art. As a fulltime artist Stevo’s career has allowed him to do a wide array of things, most of which are in the Pittsburgh area. Stevo is fascinated by the river landscapes of Pittsburgh and the metal structures that cross the rivers – the bridges. Stevo travels over several of these bridges to get to his studio in Squirrel Hill. So, it makes sense that with colorful pieces of glass Stevo pieces together new mosaic visions of the many views of Pittsburgh.

Loving art and mosaics has taken Stevo to Italy twice. The museums in Italy are bedazzled with beautiful art, but also ornate floors, walls, ceilings and chandeliers. All of these surfaces are adorned with patterns – all these patterns next to other patterns have captured Stevo’s imagination. Several of the pieces in this show use various combinations of patterns. The way that some of the patterns jut out from the piece is Stevo’s way of expressing the excitement that he feels about the way things in life come together and some things in life will tend to jut out.

The artwork in this show, in its custom array of patterned glass fragments and tiles, represent a glimpse into the soul of this multi-faceted, always smiling artist.  His joy is contagious.


Stevo Sadvary is a master of mosaic finery and textile art who comfortably inhabits this unique artistic niche in the Pittsburgh area.  Stevo, who grew up in Washington county and studied weaving and textiles at Edinboro University, has lived in Pittsburgh since 1989.  His Squirrel Hill studio, serving as both production workshop and showcase gallery, is a magnificent light-filled space located on the uppermost floor of the landmark Morrowfield building’s parking annex.

Stevo, the owner and principal artist of Stevo Mosaics, has completed numerous private commissions ranging from kitchen backsplashes, showers, and fireplaces to pet portraits, corporate lobby art, and commercial signage.  Among his selection of available in-studio pieces are brilliant abstract wall hangings, tabletops, trivets, flowerpot adornments, and figurative mosaic interpretations of flowers, trains, even a veritable sea of tropical fish rendered in dozens of shapes and color palettes.  Possessing a natural talent for working closely with his clients, he intuitively tailors his commissioned designs to suit their needs and visions.  He often uses Photoshop to create digital montages that assist clients in envisioning the final work of art.